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What is Leadstra?

Leadstra FAQ“Success starts with strategy.” – Dave Anderson

You must be heard in order to share your ideas. This is true whether you are growing your business, advocating a cause, or educating the world. We help businesses with the strategies, training, and tools to find their voice and cut through the noise of a busy world.

Leadstra is ready to help develop, produce, and distribute your message. Whether that is an explainer video, podcast, YouTube program, eLearning course, we are ready to help you understand and accomplish your task. Our services are designed to fit your needs. We do not have a ‘one size fits all’ formula. If you need help making a short video, fantastic. But when your need is a full messaging campaign, we’re ready to help as well.

If you find yourself ready to connect with more people and move them to action give us a call.

Who is Leadstra?

At the heart of the company is owner, Dave Anderson. Dave has been a small business owner since 2007. Prior to Leadstra, he spent 15 years in Corporate America including. Eleven of those years were managing a team of audiovisual professionals at a major pharmaceutical company. Dave has a passion for connecting and helping ideas grow.

Dave works with a group of incredible support specialists. This includes coaches, mentors, video production technicians, graphic designers, instructional designers, and web developers. As a result, our expertise allows us to take on most any challenge. Our goal is to deliver top results without busting your budget

What Does Leadstra Do?

Leadstra helps increase your influence. We do this in several ways. It all starts with strategy. Understanding who needs to hear from you, why you matter to them is the key to successful marketing. While others are spouting features and benefits, you can be telling the story of how you help your clients navigate the challenges they are facing today. It is a powerful shift.

All our client engagements begin with a Road Map strategy session. This is the chance for you to meet us and for us to get to know you. From there, if you decide to move forward, all our services are provided within 90-day windows. At the start of each period, we define what success will look like, who will do what. and when all the parts and pieces need to come together. This lets you create a measurement for yourself and accountability for us.

What Are Leadstra’s Specific Services?

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