Stand Out in a Crowd

Ideas and experience are not just enough. You must be able to stand out. Stand out so those who need your help can find you. Whether you are a business seeking new customers, a consultant searching for clients, or a job seeker looking for a new opportunity, is it time to Engage Differently?

Are You Ready to Engage Differently?

Getting noticed. Being heard. Finding opportunities. All these require you to have influence. And your influence is directly tied to hwo you engage those who need your help. If you are strugging to find new customers, a job, or better opportunities, perhaps it is time to change your strategy. 

We can help. We will show you how to Engage Differently.

How Influencial Are You?

Strategy and Messaging

  • How do you communicate with your prospects and clients?
  • Are your actions consistant and repeatable?
  • What results do you see?
  • Do you have a plan to react to the results?
  • How does your strategy (or lack of one) impact your business?


Growing Your Influence

  • How do you share your knowledge and information?
  • Who do you follow in your industry?
  • Where do your clients get the information needed to make buying decisions?
  • Is your network strategic?
  • Does your network serve you?
  • Are you easy to refer?


Podcasting and Video

  • Do you regularly listen to podcasts?
  • Do your customers listen to podcasts or watch videos to make buying decisions?
  • Have you participated in podcasts?
  • How could your business benefit if more people heard from you?
  • Is it time to consider podcasting or video to promote your business?


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Selling is simply creating a motivated connection between a prospect’s needs and your solution. It starts with your message and ends with their perception of your ability to succeed.

Working With Leadstra

We are glad you made it to our website. We help businesses, consultants, and mid-career professionals find success by standing out and building relationships create success. You can engage with us in several ways. Take a look, we look forward to knowing you.

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Decide to Engage Differently

If you are doing the same things and expecting different results, it is time to change your tactics. Business is done differently today than it was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, even 1 year ago. The challenge is your customers have many more options at their fingertips. The excitement is your experience is exactly what they need. Now it is time to make the connection. 

We can help. Sign up for a free consultation with CEO Dave Anderson. We’ll discuss your current challenges and offer our best advice. From there, it is up to you. Is it time to Engage Differently? 

Start the Process of Increasing Your Influence

If you are business owner, consultant, or mid-career professional, your ability to influence determines you success. Influence starts with getting noticed, then building relationships, and finally building  your reputation in the marketplace. Leadstra provide strategy, coaching, and tools such as podcasts, livestream videos, eLearning tools, webdesign, and video production to help you Engage Differently.