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Credibility May Be the Wrong Question

The key to becoming an influencer is not to just be taken seriously. Credibility is important as you build influence, but only part of the equation. You must also create value. And value is subjective. It is based on your audience.Baseball is a game that is loved by...

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What Does the World Need to Hear from You?

Your Message Matters We all send messages out into the world every day. Our lives are full of emails, tweets, proposals, presentations. But what does the world REALLY want to hear from you? This is a question we ask in our training all the time. It often results in...

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What is Your Legacy

When my dad was 63, he left a career of 35 years for this crazy concept of ‘retirement’. His generation typically worked for the same organization most of their adult lives. They saved money, raised a family, and then as the magical age of 65 arrived, were given a...

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