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My Best Sales Line – Ever!

Have you ever had a sales manager or trainer tell you about A.B.C. – Always Be Closing? Old school organizations that believe in brute force sales still exist, but luckily most business developers realize closing a deal depends more on building a relationship than...

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Time Is Money – Or Is It?

Chances are you’ve heard this statement in the workplace before. It is a cliché that too many bad bosses and business coaches use to create motivation. The other day, one of my team members noted that small business owners had two primary concerns: time and money....

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Using Testimonials on a Web Site

Using Testimonials on a Web SiteTestimonials can be a great way to grow your business. Using positive customer experiences will help new customers decide if the product and the service you are offering is what they are looking for.Many businesses have testimonials...

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The Loud and Clear Podcast – Episode 1 – Lee Cornell

The Loud and Clear Podcast - Episode 1Guest: Lee CornellDave: Welcome to The Loud and Clear Podcast where we talk with successful small business owners about what makes them successful, what it takes to get out there in the arena and grown their business. Today's...

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Join Us and Learn

Join Us - For Free Training If you work in or own a small business, you know the challenges. You work long hours. You do all you can to create great products and services. You invest your money and time with no guarantee of return. And you are constantly looking for ...

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Creating Effective Email Campaigns

Creating Effective Email CampaignsCreating effective email campaigns first requires that a business set up an email list where customers can sign up (opt-in) if they want to receive valuable information that pertains to their business, notices, discounts, etc.It is...

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Tips for Building a Mailing List

Tips for Building a Mailing ListBuilding a mailing list is essential for any internet business to succeed. Being able to advertise to customers about new products, discounts, changes in ordering procedures and more will help keep your business strong.There are a few...

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Client Spotlight: Morning Light

One of the best parts of working at Leadstra is our clients. We work exclusively with small businesses. These people do things that matter and are measured far beyond a balance sheet. They live their passion and work so hard to make a difference. For the last several...

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How Do You Find New Customers?

Finding New Customers: Does Strategy Matter?An old sales coach of mine once said 'You don't have to like making cold calls, you just have to make them!' For some old school sales pros, strategy is for losers. The key is activity, activity, and more activity. Remember,...

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