Business Road Map


Most Leadstra engagements start with our Road Map process. This includes a 90-minute discovery meeting, a comprehensive Road Map report, and a follow up review of all recommendations. 100% of all Road Map fees are applicable to future work if engaged within 60 days from Road Map delivery.

The Business Road Map is where most Leadstra services start. It will introduce you to the Leadstra process designed to increase your influence, generate ideal client prospects, and grow your business. We do this in an efficient, effective, and automated manner that is easy to understand and execute.

The Road Map Process

The program begins with an initial meeting that lasts 90 minutes. In that session we'll review your business and current activities. We'll also introduce you to our system.

From there, we'll take your information and build a customized report. This report will show you your current status and how we recommend moving to the next level. It is a DIY Road Map to business success.

We then schedule a follow up meeting to review the recommendations and provide you assistance as you get started. When you are complete, you'll have everything you need to build a solid plan that will:

  •  Target your ideal prospect
  • Engage them automatically in a way that motivates them to action
  • Optimize your products and services so they can be easily consumed and shared
  • Show you how to structure your sales and marketing efforts for maximum impact


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