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Podcast Starter Kit

What You Get

Everything you need to start and grow your podcast. This incredible package includes:

  • Anatomy of a Podcast eBook and online Training Course
  • Brand Consultation and Poster Design
  • Content Map Consultation
  • Online Podcasting Production Studio Account
  • First Episode Recorded, Edited, and Produced

Incredible Add Ons

  • Promotion on TownePost Network
  • Custom Branding and Distribution Services
  • Podcast Recording and Editing Packages
  • Video Podcast Upgrade
  • Show Co-hosting
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Get Our Free eBook - Anatomy of a Podcast

The challenge with Podcasting for many is all the moving parts. From the technology, to the content, to finding an audience. Our short and information packed eBook ‘Anatomy of a Podcast’ is a common sense guide to getting started with Podcasting.