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We’ve recently talked about the process of generating, capturing, and nurturing leads until they are ready for your sales process.  One of the best tools for maximizing your lead generation efforts is the lead capture page.

So what is a lead capture page?

biz-link-express-lead-capture-pageClick here to take a look at an example we’ve recently launched for our Biz Link Express program.  You’ll remember that is our LinkedIn marketing tool.

We use Biz Link Express as well as other marketing tools to generate interest from targeted prospects.  We then send them to this lead capture page where they can learn more and be encouraged to take action.

Ultimately, they can take one of four actions.

  • Indicate the are ready to buy
  • Indicate they’d like more information
  • Passively seek more information
  • Decide they are not interested

Let’s look at the key elements to an effective lead capture page and see how it helps us capture and filter our prospects.  Here are the key elements of the page:

Video Sales Letter – the video sales letter (or VSL) is designed to create a personal connection with the prospect, engage them, and then move them to action.  Leadstra uses a scripting protocol to build these letters.  We are also often asked if video is required.  The answer is no, you can create a lead capture page with text, but video has a much higher conversion rate.

Purchase Offer – as you watch the video you are told that if you sign up below, you’ll be sent a discount on the purchase price.  This is an incentive to capture a prospect who is ready to buy.  When they register for the promo code, they are captured in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program.  We will be alerted of their activity and if they don’t make a purchase we can follow up in person or via an automated email campaign.

More Information Offer – the video viewer is also given the chance to learn more by attending a webinar.  Again, we capture their information in a separate CRM list and can follow up.  In this case, follow up is more informative (vs salesy) hoping to move them into a buying decision.  We can also provide additional ‘one time’ offers to encourage sales.

Passive More Information – this is the link to the website.  While we won’t capture their information, they can learn more about the program on our website and hopefully indicate an interest there.

Website Analytics – The lead capture page is also equipped with Google Analytics.  Google Analytics measures web traffic and bounce rates that we compare to our conversion statistics.  We can test different versions of the VSL to see what content is effective and converting leads to prospects.

We’ll talk more about each of these elements in the future.  If your business is challenged generating leads or converting clicks into customers, give us a call.  We’d love to show you more about this ultimate marketing tool.