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If you work in or own a small business, you know the challenges. You work long hours. You do all you can to create great products and services. You invest your money and time with no guarantee of return. And you are constantly looking for  your next, best, customer. We get it, we are just like you. To help, we are offering free training to help you grow your business. And we are doing it within our Insider forum so you can also hear from others like you who are facing similar issues. We hope you not only find some tips, tricks, and strategies, but can also provide your insight to help others.

Our training will be short and content packed. The presentation will take place live on our Facebook Insider group every Thursday at 3pm. You can join us live and offer your insight or ask questions. If you miss the live program, you can watch the replay throughout the week. After that, all training will be archived here in our Training Library. Simple, easy, and at your fingertips anytime you need it!

Become a Leadstra Facebook Insider

We’ve decided to put the training on our closed Facebook group to allow for maximum engagement. We want a safe space where you can participate and share your thoughts without worrying about what anyone outside the group might think. Click the button below to join the group. It is free (you need to answer a couple of quick questions, but that’s it). 

We Hope You’ll Join Us

Our goal is to provide weekly training that focuses on the issues faced by small business owners. Here is a list of our upcoming topics:

  1. Why is Social Media Marketing So Difficult?
  2. Do Your Products Help Sell Themselves?
  3. The Art of the 30 Second Commercial
  4. How to Tell the Story of Your Business
  5. Why does Why Matter?
  6. 3 Things You MUST Do Before You Sell Anything
  7. Are You Using LinkedIn Properly?
  8. Your Message Matters – What Are You Saying?


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