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This is where we share our ideas and your comments so we all can grow. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

The Challenge of Preconceived Notions

Everyone has a community of followers.  Some are active admirers.  Some are passive acquaintances.  Some are people we've met in the past and then lost touch.  Some are friends of friends.  But all share the common element of knowing us, me (or you). The natural...

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Lead Capture Pages – The ultimate marketing tool

We've recently talked about the process of generating, capturing, and nurturing leads until they are ready for your sales process.  One of the best tools for maximizing your lead generation efforts is the lead capture page. So what is a lead capture page? Click here...

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Sales Conversation

Preparing for the Sales Conversation In our last articles we discussed generating and capturing leads.  In most cases, these 'leads' fall into one of 3 categories: Ready to talk about a sale Need more information before making a buying decision Not really interested...

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Understanding Lead Conversion

What is a Lead? That is such a simple question, but has a very challenging answer.  A lead can be anyone with interest in what you do who connects with you.  It can be a website visitor who shows up by searching for a keyword.  It can be someone who saw your...

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Leads?!? You Can’t Handle Leads!

We recently wrapped up beta testing on our new LinkedIn lead generation product Biz Link Express.  We've retooled the product based on our tester's feedback, but we were stunned by a common theme we heard as we talked with our users:  They didn't have time to...

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Connecting Effectively

Making cold connections is a challenge.  Getting prospects to notice you and engage with your marketing efforts requires skill and strategy.  Dave gives a couple of tips on connecting effectively.  He discusses the idea of a Lead Magnet and a Trip Wire.  Does your...

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Effective Spam

In Internet Marketing, Spam is a dirty word.  But let's be honest, the concept of spam - unwanted commercial intrusions - has been the basis for mass media viability for centuries.  Shifting the costs of producing and distributing information from the content creator...

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How vs. Why

Be honest now, what does your sales pitch sound like?  Do you spend most of your time demonstrating how your product or service works?  Do you discuss features as if that shiny button has the ability to transform your customer's world?  Are the results of those...

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The Tyranny of Choice

Chris Anderson in his book 'The Long Tail' presents an intriguing case study.  In two separate instances, shoppers at a specialty food store were presented with a display table of jams and jellies.  On each table was a coupon offering a discount on any item they chose...

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90% of what you do is cr*p

I'm not having a bad day or feeling particularly negative.  This statement is known as Sturgeon's Revelation (or law).  Theodore Sturgeon was a science fiction writer and critic.  When faced with criticism that most scifi work was not worth watching or reading, he...

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