Grow your communityBuild a Community

To grow a community takes time and dedication. The benefits are many. Abundant sales opportunities, a sense of accomplishment, and endless referrals from clients and strategic partners all flow from a successful community.

The challenge is to create a strategy that finds your ideal prospects, then engages and nurtures them until they become customers. You must be able to identify referral partners who can help grow your pipeline. You’ll need to be ready to share information, think strategically, and put in place the systems that ensure success. Leadstra is ready to help.

Our Tools

Leadstra can help grow your business by providing expertise and the tools you need. Our services include:

  • Education – both on demand and in person
  • Strategic Consultation – creating and implementing the plan for your business
  • eLearning – through our CognaPoint platform
  • Web design – WordPress development and maintenance
  • CRM – Experience in Infusionsoft and other CRM software platforms
  • Video Production – Create videos that engage and educate using Towne Post Media
  • Social Media Marketing – Connect and grow your online brand