Teach and Build

Teach and BuildThe 21st Century economy is different than in the past. Information Technology has connected the world and created opportunities that would have been unthinkable just a decade or two ago. One reality of the new economy is that you must create and distribute value to succeed. This is not a new concept, but the methods are shifting rapidly.

Consider the way you bought a car 20 years ago. Everything you learned about a new car came from the manufacturer or dealer. You traveled to them and they controlled all elements of your buying experience, including the price. Your options were limited to the vehicles on the lot and unless you walked away, they owned the transaction.

Ask anyone who purchased a car in the 1990’s and they’ll tell you of a back and forth process that often took hours to complete. This ‘game’ was a way to wear down a prospect and let them think they were getting the best deal possible. In fact, the dealer always won.

Fast forward to now. As a consumer looking for a new automobile what do you do? At your fingertips are details on every make and model of car available. You read reviews from users and fans which are far more common than information from the manufacturer. With a smartphone you can find out which models are in stock at each dealer location. You know what the best prices are and exactly the options you want.

And this process is not exclusive to cars. Consumers expect to be educated on what they need. Since they can easily find you and your competitors, most likely they’ve checked you out before the first phone call.

What is the Answer?

So how do you thrive in this new reality? Simple, become a teacher and build a community around the information you provide.

Most businesses have a great deal of knowledge gained as they develop and provide their products and/or services. In the past, this knowledge was required to fulfill your client’s needs. Today, that information can be a product in itself. In fact, many companies find that educating prospects is as lucrative as providing the product or service. This is especially true because education is not limited by geography the same way as a physical product or service.

Introducing CognaPoint

CognaPoint - Learning ExpandedCognaPoint is Leadstra’s eLearning platform for small and emerging businesses. Whether you need to educate (or train) your staff or your prospect, having a fully interactive learning environment takes the process to the next level.

CognaPoint allows you to offer learning and training courses to your audience. Learners register for your unique, branded, learning site. As they progress through the training you can be notified and start automated engagement campaigns. Imagine having a prospect complete your course and then receiving a ‘special offer’ for the product or services they just learned about. Or perhaps your sales team is notified if a student gets a good grade so they can reach out and say ‘congratulations’!

CognaPoint can be used as an internal resource as well to provide training for your staff or business partners. This results in more effective training, less effort on your part, and measurable results.

Let us show you how CognaPoint works and see if it might be a fit for you. Use the form on this page to request a free demonstration.