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One of the challenges with marketing is creating a return on investment. Without marketing, sales efforts are difficult – if not impossible. However, many times the costs involved with delivering your message is not aligned with the results returned.

This is further complicated as you attempt to grow. Where are should you focus your efforts? How scaleable are your efforts? Will an aggressive marketing effort ‘oversell’ your capabilities?

Insight is Critical

The solution is to measure every element and understand the relationship between your efforts and the activity they generate. Does your system have:

  • Analytics – these are the measurements of activity. Things like web visitors, video views, comments, and other tangible activity that can be measured.
  • Triggers – these are elements that alert you to user interaction. They can be basic – a like on Facebook; or sophisticated – a software based link tracking program.
  • Lead magnets – these are enticements offered to targeted users to begin a chain of interaction. Items like white papers and webinars are great lead magnets
  • CRM system – these are contact management systems that allow you to coordinate and automate engagement. Systems like Sales Force, ActiveCampaign, or MailChimp.

If you have these systems in place and need help, we’d be happy to assist. Use the form on this page to contact us, or schedule a free consultation with our team.

If you do not have these systems in place and are struggling to manage your marketing efforts, we’re happy to help as well. We offer a variety of training programs as well as tools and services designed to help you make sense of your marketing efforts.

Our Tools

Leadstra can help grow your business by providing expertise and the tools you need. Our services include:

  • Training – Our Influencer Workshops are designed to help you build a strong strategy
  • Content Development – from eLearning courses to podcasts, we’ll help you design, create, and distribute your content
  • eLearning – we specialize in building interactive eLearning systems using the latest technology
  • Special Projects – from coaching to outsourced Director of Marketing, we can do as much as you need


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