Small Business Owners

Are You Ready to Explode Your Business?

Tired of feeling the pressure and anxiety of where your next BEST customer will come from? Are you challenged to grow your business in a digital economy? Is your ability to sell impacting your ability to grow?

If you answered yes to any of these – or are just interested in growing your credibility and influence in this newfangled world – you need 3 key things:

  1.  A constantly growing audience
  2. A plan to keep your audience engaged and turning to you as the expert
  3. A way to get compensated for your efforts

The Leadstra Road Map program for small businesses will help you do all three. You’ll learn our special process, and it is guaranteed to give you results fast!

The program begins with an initial meeting that lasts 90 minutes. In that session we’ll review your business and current activities. We’ll also introduce you to our proven system designed to make the story of your business resonate with your ideal customers.

From there, we can help you build the systems and strategy for success. But it all starts with a plan.

Business Road Map

Small business owners – and especially business consultants – need to be heard. At the end of the day, your opportunities are defined by those who can find you and are motivated to take action. Marketing tools like SEO, reviews, and social media advertising all help, but in order to make an impact your customers need a couple of simple things:

  1. They need to understand their own pain
  2. They need to know – and believe – that you can help
  3. They need to be motivated to take action.

That’s a heavy task for a few keywords to deliver. Our Road Map process will help you understand what your clients need, how to reach them, and what moves them to action.

We’ll then recommend how to put these plans in place. From there you have a strategy – a Road Map – to success. If you need our help along the way, we’re here and happy to assist. If not, you are ready to go Engage Differently!