Podcast Starter Kit


Is it time to share your passion? If so, a podcast is the way to go.

But wait a minute, there is more to a successful podcast than just talking.

Let us walk you through the process and get you started the right way.


To launch your podcast, you'll need a few key elements. Let's make a list:

  • You'll need a strategy - Who is your audience? What is your unique hook? How often will you release an episode? Who will share it?
  • You'll need a brand - Cover art and logo, Facebook page, Creative intro segment, Video teasers
  • You'll need distribution - Syndication to iTunes and other podcast services, YouTube page
  • You'll need content - Podcast template, content map, recording, and editing

Our Podcast Starter Kit provides everything you need to create and launch your podcast - including the first episode! You will get:

  • An hour long strategy session to layout all the plans for your brand and your podcast
  • Cover art design for your show
  • Facebook page created for your show
  • YouTube page created for your show
  • Video shoot with 3 scripted teasers shot, edited and posted
  • Anchor.fm podcast distribution channel created
  • First episode charted, recorded, edited, and distributed
  • Content map consulting to help you plan your next shows and schedule everything from concept to release


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