Corporate Refugee Escape Plan


Frustrated by your Corporate job and looking for a change? Perhaps you’ve been ‘downsized’ but are not ready for retirement.

Turn your frustration into opportunity. Shift from being a Corporate Refugee into a confident leader – Your Own Boss! Our evaluation workshop will help you look at your options:

  • Consider the opportunities available as a new business owner
  • Determine whether business ownership would be a good fit for you
  • Provide a roadmap for getting started

We’ll then help you decide which path makes sense. And if starting your own business is an option, we’ll show you our proven method for quickly getting started and achieving success in a digital economy.


The Corporate Refugee Escape Plan

This workshop is designed to help experienced professionals control their career destiny. If you find yourself either in a Corporate job that has lost its luster or downsized out of your career before you were finished, the feeling can be disheartening. All your hard work seems to vanish as you consider what you'll do next.

But don't let that feeling linger. You have lots of options and can control your destiny by combining your experience and passion so that your next step is on your own terms.

This program is conducted in both individual and group settings. We conduct Corporate Refugee Workshops several times a month. In this meeting you'll learn:

  • I'm a Corporate Refugee, what are my options?
    • Find a new job
    • Purchase a franchise
    • Start your own business
  • How to play to your strengths
    • What is your vision?
    • What extraordinary skills do you possess?
    • Can you build a business around them?
  • Creating your own business
    • Defining your ‘Why’
    • Building your brand and platform
    • Financials
    • Business development
    • Managing operations
    • Planning for growth


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