Feed Your Tribe

Keep Them Coming Back

Once you’ve built a connection you need to continue to nurture that relationship. Over time, it will grow and become:

  • New Business
  • Referrals
  • Testimonials
  • Trusted Friendship

Building your relationship takes time and effort. You cannot expect a single email once a month to build the kind of bond that will keep you top of mind. At the same time, if you overwhelm every new connection with too much information you risk upsetting them and souring the relationship.

What Are You Feeding Your Tribe?

What are you offering to those who need to know you? Do you regularly post content to help solve problems or begin an engagement with someone in need? Do you offer webinars or podcasts to help inform the marketplace about how you can help? Do you offer online training to educate your prospects and clients. Are you actively blogging or engaging in social media?

These are all activities designed to feed the community of people who need what you offer. In other words, your Tribe.

And what you feed them will determine how engaged they are with you. The more value they find, the more they will connect and share your information. If what they find is not helpful, they will move on and find someone else to help them.

Strategy Starts with Good Habits

We believe the most effective method for feeding your tribe is to make it habitual. Let us help you build the tools and activities so you can efficiently create relevant content that will generate results. We do this a a variety of ways:

  • Content Map – this process helps you define the key messages your top audiences need to hear. From there you create an ‘inventory’ of content elements. This makes creating content efficient, methodical and effective. It also allows you to measure the outcome.
  • Video Messaging – these are regular video messages you post every week. They keep your audience engaged, introduce you to new people, and stimulate discussion.
  • Podcasting – As you become an influencer, having the ability to share your ideas and interact with like-minded people can be valuable. Podcasts are ideal for this. We’ll help you through the creative and technical challenges of designing, recording, and distributing your podcast
  • Webinars – It is a common theme with us, but education is a powerful tool. Webinars are an excellent way to educate whether for profit or simply as a marketing tool. We’ll help you design your webinar, create your content, and even automate the program.

So, What is Next?

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