56% of Workers Over Age 50 Will Be Downsized Out of Their Career

Are You Ready if One of Them is you?

It’s a harsh statistic, but absolutely true…

Over half of workers over the age of 50 will be eliminated from their jobs.

Let that sink in. Perhaps you’ve been working in your career and are feeling secure in the thought that you will be able to retire from your company when the time comes. But then you “get the call” and the next thing you know, you are unemployed.

We won’t weigh in on why companies do this, but we have an idea you know some of the reasons.

We call people who are let go, forced out, downsized, laid off (or whatever they want to call it) “Corporate Refugees.”

Do you know what you would do if it happened to you? At Leadstra, we know exactly how it feels, as we’ve been there – working a career job one day, out the door the next. That’s part of the reason we started Leadstra.

What are your options?
Retire? (can you afford it)? Find another job similar to the one you lost? (probably at less pay) or start your own business based on the knowledge and skills you’ve accumulated over your career?

Leadstra can help you figure it out with our FREE “You’re Hired! Building Your Own Business” live webinar.

Not everyone will be best suited to becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business. But you will know at the end of the webinar what is probably your best option.

If you do fit into the category of starting your own business, we will have some great suggestions and tools for you that will get you on the right track.

Don’t be afraid of the phrase “business owner.” If you have been working at a job for years and have a lot of knowledge in that field, you already know more than 80% of the people who have an interest in what you know. There WILL be people who will consider you an expert, very quickly, as you start building your business using the ideas we’ll be covering in the webinar.

We will discuss these important items that can make or break creating and sustaining a new business:

  • Determining and creating a market need for your product or service
  • Having the right attitude and desire
  • Creating a business that is sustainable and always has new customers requesting your product or service
  • A system in place to consistently generate sales 
  • The best methods to deliver your product or service
  • Why LinkedIn is one of the greatest tools available (and most overlooked) to help grow your business. 
  • and more! 

Stop worrying about your career if your think your “day job” may be in jeopardy, or if you have a feeling and the determination to create your own business. At the end of the webinar you’ll have answers and techniques you can immediately implement. 

You’ll also receive some great bonuses for attending:

  • A Free 20 minute one on one consultation with a Leadstra advisor to talk privately about your dream career
  • A Free assessment as to if you are best suited as a potential business owner

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