Conquering Debt Marketing System

Educate to engage

An incredible new marketing and lead generation platform that educates your prospects and turns you into a trusted advisor. Simply invite them to learn more about a subject that impacts us all; then once they engage, you’ll be notified. And if your client ever has a question or concern, they can book a meeting with you automatically!

How Does It Work?

How It Works

The concept is simple. People don’t like to talk about debt, but for most it weighs on their mind frequently. Our system allows you to educate your prospects until they are ready to engage.

And while you are educating – or really while author and financial guru Jay Beattey is educating – them, the system is making you a trusted advisor. It is also alerting you to any activity your prospect takes.

This intelligence allows you to not only follow up when the time is right, but also to share the education with everyone. In fact we even have Facebook and LinkedIn lead generation programs to help share the information. And when the prospect registers or finishes a course, you are alerted – automatically.

Watch the video to see how this works. We think you’ll agree it is a revolutionary concept. Are you ready to make it yours?