Discover How to Totally Explode Your Business
in Only 2 Minutes a Day!

Are you a small business owner who is not growing as much nor as quickly as you’d like? Do you currently work a job where you have a lot of expertise, but feel under appreciated? Worried that despite years of knowledge and experience, you may be “downsized” right out of your position?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then more than likely, you are:

  • Losing sleep worrying over what unwelcome news or surprises you may encounter each day
  • Filled with worry, stress and anxiety over what will happen if you experience any of the major changes you fear
  • Concerned about your future, your family and if you’ll ever actually get to retire!

You Are Not Alone

Not only are there others just like you experiencing the same things but the great news is that you don’t have to feel like this any more!

There are lots of things that can ease the stress and worry. Things like being able to add more employees, expand a business, find true happiness in your career and your passion, making more money, being able to make a better life for your family, making a difference in other people’s lives and giving back to those who need you most. All of these things lead to more fulfillment in your life.

To create those things, there’s ONE key ingredient you need more of: INFLUENCE. The trick is figuring out how to create more influence and where you need it most.

Sadly, a lot of people don’t think they have the ability to become an influencer. We disagree. You probably have some level of influence now and just don’t realize it. That’s where we come in!

We here at Leadstra don’t want you to have another sleepless night. We want you to have the most exciting career or business of your life. To help you do this, we’ve created the “2-Minute Epic Influence Challenge.”

The Challenge

The 2 Minute Epic Influence Challenge​ is a simple, free 5-day challenge designed specifically to kick start your journey to the better life you desire.

In this 5 day challenge, you’ll get an email every day for five days. Each day’s message will include a short video (2 minutes or less!) which will focus on the four question process we use with our clients.

This will help you create the influence you need in 5 very specific areas so that you can not only start to see and think about your business or career differently, but also create EPIC change that will allow you to move away from the worry, stress and anxiety and move toward freedom, flexibility, and confidence in your future.

We believe that if you accept the challenge and embrace it, you’ll learn a lot about your company, yourself, and simple, positive steps you can take which will lead to growth – starting today! 

There are no strings attached. The 2 Minute Epic Influence Challenge is free and gives you the chance to create some amazing new energy and focus with partners (us) who genuinely care about your success.

We look forward to hearing about your results!

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