Build Your Brand Workshops

How Much Longer Are You Going to Struggle with Growing Your Business?

Think about that headline. Are you seeing the results you deserve? How can you truly succeed in your business you’ve put endless hours, sweat, tears and resources into? Do you ever think about just throwing in the towel and giving up?


Do any of these sound like you?

Are you a business owner? A sales performer? Someone who needs to be heard in a noisy market place? Do you desire to share your knowledge, skills, expertise, or passion with others? Are you building or thinking about  a new business venture? Are you launching a new product? Are you responsible for sales efforts in the digital world?

At Leadstra, we can help you with our proven Build Your Brand Workshops

We have developed a process – we call it the Four Critical Questions to help you develop and maintain a vibrant “tribe” of clients that feeds them well. The Four Critical Questions are:

  • Who– who needs to know you and become part of your tribe?
  • Why– why are you building your tribe? Why should your tribe follow you?
  • What– What are the key elements you will provide for your community? What is it that they need? What will they offer you in return?
  • How– How will you engage and grow your influence? How do you tell “your story?” Do you need a website? Social Media? Videos? A Podcast? How will you get paid? Will it be enough to sustain your efforts? Who else can you engage to help spread your message?

Once you complete the program, you’ll have a customized “Road Map” that will guide you to success!

Our Build Your Brand Workshop takes you through each step via either an individual nine week training program or a four bi-weekly group session workshop. You’ll work directly with your coach to not only learn our Road Map process, but also to build systems within your own business and learn how to become a powerful leader. Stop dreaming about how it could be and make it a reality.

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